A $2,000 cigar

According to Halfwheel,  a great website dedicated to cigars and cigar smokers, Gurkha Cigar Group is coming out with a $2,000 cigar.  Here’s an excerpt from the article:

$2,000 cigarLate last year, Gurkha Cigar Group announced it would be releasing one of the most expensive cigars of all-time in the form of the Gurkha Maharaja, a cigar with a suggested retail price of $2,000.

Not much has been heard of the cigar since then, but the cigar will be on display at next week’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. For those hoping there is anymore details available than when it was first announced, don’t get those hopes up.

Gurkha has only said that Maharaja features a maduro wrapper over Dominican binder and fillers. The company declined to say where it’s being made or provide any further explanation on the blend.”

I guess my question is this … do you think it will be better than a $100 cigar?  Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.



  1. It’s a Gurkha. I smoked them when I was a starter smoker. I haven’t smoked them for years. I guess I always thought of them as a cheap internet cigar. I think it will be hard for them to overcome the “internet cigar” stigma and get people to take a chance with two grand.

  2. I can’t imagine paying $2K for a cigar. If I was filthy rich I’d buy it in a heart beat to try it. But better than a $100 cigar. If I bought both cigars I’d probably say the $2K cigar was better to either justify it or just simply a mind thing. You ps more so it has to be better kind of thing

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