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Bad Cigar Day


I started lighting my cigar today with the foot band still on.  Yup, you know it’s going to be a bad cigar day when you do something like that!

Here is my top 10 list of “You know it’s going to be a bad cigar day when …”

  1. You put the lit end of the cigar in your mouth
  2. You light your cigar with the foot band on
  3. You light the wrong end of your cigar
  4. You drop a lit cigar onto your polo shirt and burn a cigar-size hole in it
  5. You ash in your drink instead of the ash tray
  6. You set your cigar on a stirrup in the ashtray and someone else picks it up and smokes it
  7. You lean back in your chair and ash on yourself
  8. You peal off the band and the wrapper comes with it
  9. You carefully cut and light your cigar, only to drop it in the hot-tub after your first puff
  10. You remember to bring cigars to the golf course, but forget your lighter

77 responses when asked to put your cigar out

Some of these are good and should be remembered and used, some are rude and arrogant, but mostly these are all quite funny.

1. “Is it the cigar smoke that bothers you, or the sight of someone enjoying himself?”
2. (The Response Literal:) “Put out this cigar? Seems kind of silly, but sure. Now wait a sec while I light another…”
3. (The Response Coy:) “I’d love to, but I’m afraid you’d think I’m easy.”
4. (The Response Ingenuous:) “What a coincidence! You’re the third person to ask me tha—oh, it’s you again.”
5. (The Response Juvenile:) “Who died and made you the Fun Patrol?”
6. (The Response Existential:) “What does it matter?”
7. (The Response Newlywed:) “Gosh, darling, our first fight. And just think, we’ll be able to repeat it every time I light up.”
8. (The Response Recidivist:) “My parole officer says it steadies my nerves.”
9. (The Lie Direct:) “I’m not smoking.”
10. (The Lie Circumstantial:) “Were I smoking, your request, however rude, might be worthy of reply.” Continue reading

Cigars for Warriors – Breakfast for Champions


Luke Russell

Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge / Titletown Tobacco
159 N Broadway St
Green Bay, WI 54303


Prohibition Supports Our Troops with Smoke

“While we argue and pontificate about the morality and social acceptability of smoking, we often forget that men and women have died to give us the freedom to do so, and we want to send a special thank you for those in service.”

Green Bay, WI – July 5, 2015 – There is no better place in the world to get an opinion on the current happenings in government than a cigar lounge, and Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge is no different.  “Seldom does a day go by when politics are not a topic of conversation, and on a typical day there will be at least three sides to the argument,” says Luke Russell, one of the owners of Prohibition.  However, with all the arguing and debating of who is right and who is not, everyone agrees upon one thing: our right to sit in the lounge and smoke and debate politics has come at a high cost: the millions of all those who fight to gain and maintain our freedom.  On July 9, 2016 from 8:00 am to Noon, the patrons of Prohibition and other community members will be joining together to send a thank you to those who are deployed overseas.

“As we consider the thousands upon thousands who willingly serve and potentially lay down their lives that we might live in a free and just America, it makes everything else seem so petty”, Russell states. “This why we are hosting the pancake and porkie breakfast. We call it, ‘Breakfast for Champions’,” Russell continues.  It’s a spin-off of the old Wheaties slogan “Breakfast of Champions.” The goal is to raise 2,000 cigars and $2,000 to send the cigars to actively deployed troops.  URL for the event is as follows:

This Saturday, instead of pontificating on the social acceptability of smoking or arguing on the disasters happening in Washington, stop by and enjoy a breakfast, the proceeds of which will go to purchasing cigars for our troops.  During the breakfast, Prohibition will also be donating a box of cigars for every box of Drew Estate cigars sold. There will also be raffles and a cigar donation box for anyone that wishes to donate from their collection.

This breakfast is in cooperation with Operation Cigars for Warriors (  To make the event extra special, Storm Boen, the Chair of Operation Cigars for Warriors will be in attendance.

This country is made up of, and defended by people of a whole host of races, colors, and creeds.  It is what makes us Americans.  So whether you are black or white, man or woman, Hispanic or Asian, don’t forget that the cost for our freedom is still being paid. “As for me, I’m going to light up a cigar and sit in silence as I thank God for those that serve, and pray that I live a life worthy of the sacrifices being made to protect it,” says Russell.

Stop down to Prohibition and offer your sincerest thanks to all who serve by sending them a cigar or two.


Prohibition Spirits and Cigar Lounge is the only cigar lounge in the Green Bay area.   We invite everyone to enjoy life.  When you walk through our doors you will find great drinks, fine cigars and good friends.  Everyone is welcome, and you are only a stranger here once.


Cigars for Warriors

Poster for the event

Pairing Cigars and Spirits

You enjoy a fine cigar.  You enjoy a nice drink. How to you match the two?  Are there some spirits that pair better with cigars and some cigars that pair better with spirits?  These are two questions we hope to answer in the next couple of paragraphs. Continue reading

Uneven Cigar Burn

Fix a bad cigar burnIf your cigar starts to burn unevenly, you might be able to get it straightened out just by rotating the cigar, but the method seems counter-intuitive. If you have a stogie that’s burning crooked, turn the cigar so the side that’s burning fastest is on top. It would make sense to turn the unburned end to the top since heat rises, right? Regardless of the seeming logic, doing so will achieve the opposite effect.

Remember, many things can affect the way cigars burn. These include humidity, wind, cigar construction, and how you hold the cigar when not puffing.  Watch your cigar, and rotate it once in a while and you will have an enjoyable experience and an even cigar burn.

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