Summer Weather and Your HumidorHow much humidity your personal humidor rquires during the sumer depends whether or not your humidor sits in an air-conditioned room. If it does, you’ll probably have to replenish your humidification device once a week or so, since air conditioning sucks moisture right out of a room and your humidor.

If you live in a humid area and you don’t have an air conditioner, you may not need to water your humidifier all summer. Check it often, though, for two reasons:

1) Mold: During the sumer your box may become too humid, requiring you to keep it open for an hour a day or so. Too much humidity and your cigars will mold. Catch the mold early and you can usually wipe it off. Catch it too late and you will be one unhappy person.

2) Beetles: Temperature, not humidity, may present a larger problem. If the temperature inside your humidor soars to the high 70s, your box can become a breeding ground for the dreaded cigar beetles. If you do encounter cigar beetles, don’t worry, there is a solution: the freezer.